“Your All in One Solution”

Sock Bands was born because frankly, I was tired of losing and searching for socks as well as throwing away countless dryer sheets or finding them stuck to bed linens or clothes.

Every time I did the laundry, it seemed like socks would disappear. Our house was constantly having to replace the fun holiday socks, nice dress socks, and wacky kids socks. Not to mention, it took too much time to pair the socks that we could find and keep them organized once the dryer was complete.

With Sock Bands, we are no longer searching and spending time matching socks — and we are helping the environment by replacing dryer sheets with dryer balls. Sock bands makes it easy to keep your socks together — use Sock Bands whenever you are not wearing them. Disband to wear and re-band to throw into the washer, dryer, and ultimately drawer.

I hope you enjoy and find these as beneficial as I do!

Let’s band together and save ourselves time (stop searching!). Save money (stop replacing). Save the environment (stop dryer sheets!).

After all, being alone socks! 

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